Luumaw Erd

Ithorian Diplomat/Colonist


Luumaw Erd is an Ithorian who represents his planet as an Ambassador, but who also has some interest in the field of medicine. His representation for the planet Ithor comes in the form of negotiating trade deals with other neighboring planets. As part of his role in negotiating trades, he took some bribes on the side to negotiate a deal that favored the Empire, but left Ithor in an inferior position in the deal. The Empire betrayed Luumaw in the end, so he has vowed to get his revenge on the Empire by attempting to recruit others for the cause of the Rebellion.

Unfortunately for Luumaw, someone on Ithor has found out about his unfair dealings with the Empire and is using that information to blackmail him. This has resulted in him having to temporarily leave his role on Ithor to have dealings with the shadier parts of the galaxy.

Luumaw Erd

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