Star Wars: Fringers


How the adventures all started

Our bold band of fringers were “somewhere” on the Corellian Trade Run, trying to work out where the next credit was coming from when they were contacted by a drall who called himself Gustip.

Gustip wanted a group who owned a ship to undertake something that is known as the Corellian Shuffle. This is a well known smuggling run throughout the Corellian system, visiting the main planets (called “the five brothers” by the locals) and dropping something off at each location.

The group had to drop off a captive near Centerpoint Station, some avabush spice near Selonia, some glitterstim spice near Drall and finally a political exile near Corellia itself.

After the successfully completing the first drop, it became apparent that perhaps the cargo being delivered wasn’t quite what it seemed and that the group might be being tested as to their abilities and “no questions asked” attitudes.

While in a micro-jump from Drall to Corellia for the final drop the ship was forced out of hyperspace by something in their way. It turned out to be a trap laid by a group calling themselves “The Silestro Privateers” led by a Captain Jostero. The crew refused to surrender their cargo and fought off the Firespray stystem patrol craft and two Cloakshape fighters with only minor damage to their ship.

The final micro-jump to Corellia was successful where Gustip met the crew at Coronet down (the main landside starport on Corellia) and congratulated the crew on a fast completion of the Corellian Shuffle (32 hours) and rewarded them with their 3,000 credit prize (which was with them all along in a spacer’s chest the crew were carrying). He also provided an encrypted comlink that could be used to contact Master Ramos (the “political exile”) if they ever wanted to run the shuffle again.

Mechanics: Due to competing the shuffle in a fast, but not record time. Any member of the crew gains a boost die to charm or negotiation checks made with fellow Corellian smugglers who recognise them as crew of the XXX (can’t remember the name of the PCs ship).



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