Star Wars: Fringers

Nar Shaddaa

Bounty hunting and encryption breaking

With Dawken and Shirakko absent after receiving a private message; Luumaw, Riskyr and Destaract went out for a meal and some drinks, and to get an initial impression of Nar Shadaa. While waiting for their meal at a cafĂ©, a charming well spoken human male called Akachi sat down and started talking about the need for ships visiting Y’Toub (the system that contains Nar Shadaa and Nal hutta) to take out insurance policies on their ship in case something might befall them or their ship. He mentioned that he worked for a large organization with the boss (she) being very powerful. The cost was 1,650cr for the Gambit. The group tried negotiating a discount, but Akachi wouldn’t budge, inferring that discounts might be offered in future. The “insurance policy” was purchased and Akachi left the group to their meal.

Returning to the ship, Riskyr set to the task of trying to decrypt the data cube found in the security box on the doomed ship Arcona. The others, while waiting, started looking around for things to do – bounty hunting jobs and such like. While searching on the infonet, Destaract came across a story from three days ago mentioning [insert Shirakko’s nemesis bounty hunter’s name here – BH until we know better]. The story regarded a group of bounty hunters, led by BH, who were neutralized on the ground of the Imperial Complex on Nar Shaddaa. No one knew why BH and his associates were in the Imperial Complex, but rumors suggest they might have been trying to get some leverage/coercion on Moff Ominar to try to make him reconsider his hardline on illegal activities in the area. Moff Ominar is a fairly recently arrived Imperial Governor to the region, with previous governors being nothing but weak puppets since the Battle of Nar Shaddaa in 4 BBY. Rumours were rife about who employed these bounty hunters, with either the Disilijic or Besadii kajidics (Hutt clans) being favourites, but other kajidic names were also mentioned.

Further articles regarding the neutralization of BH and this squad revealed that BH had a registered bounty hunting company. Their office was located and Luumaw, Riskyr and Destaract paid it a visit. An old, heavily modified battle droid acting as receptionist said that lucrative freelancing bounty hunting jobs could be available, but first the group had to prove themselves with a low paying job. One unfortunate creature, Arcite, was wanted (alive) with a bounty of 500 credits.

Riskyr tracked down a security report of a brawl earlier that day in a run down bar in the Corellian sector called “The Slag Pit” in which Arcite’s name was mentioned. The group got their equipment together and headed into the high-rise district of Nar Shaddaa known as the Corellian Sector.

(this session report will continue)…



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