Melee wielding Wookiee bodyguard.


Wookiee created by my friend Kerry –

At the age of 75, Shirakko watched as his family was gunned down for harboring Jedi Younglings. An Imperial Extermination squad led by a Sith Inquisitor, killed them in cold blood for betraying the fledgeling Empire. Near death himself, he was rescued by a tough as nails, Republic Officer named Chole Ranata. The Wookiee was smuggled off of Kashyyyk and taken to the far side of the galaxy and settled on Jakku and was cared for by Chole. With the help of Kjell, a Lasat battlemaster, Shirakko learned a new way of fighting, up close and upfront with staves and vibroaxes. After five years of training with Kjell; Shirakko, Chole traveled to Naboo at the behest of Chole to help an old friend. However during his brief stint there, he managed to upset the Gungan High Council and was banished from Naboo, never to return. A few days later, a 200,000 credit was placed on his head. Fleeing Naboo with the help of a pair of Chagrian Smugglers, Shirakko learned the ins and outs of space travel. However he never did enjoy deep space. Dumped onto Lothal two years later, Shirakko started working as an enforcer. However, he was constantly hounded by bounty hunters. Needing help, he sought out the pilot Hera Syndulla due to her father’s friendship with Chole. She helped him get back on his feet and for a year he helped Hera and her crew with various smuggling jobs. After serving his time, as he had called it. Hera however told Shirakko, that she may call on his help and to be ready at a moment’s notice to help her out. She then dropped him off on Ord Mantell where he got work as a bodyguard for a Zeltronian holodancer named Faith. However, Shirakko’s past caught up to him once more and as he was hunted down by Bossk. Fleeing Ord Mantell in the dark of the night to escape the Trandoshan bounty hunter and his partner, Rafa, the son of Captain Tarples. With the urging of Faith, he chartered a flight for Corellia where he took on a job as a bodyguard for an Ithorian magistrate.


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